SAP Senior Basis Consultant Vacancy

My friend asked me to post this vacancy,

SAP Senior Basis consultant urgently needed.
Requirements :
– 2 to 3 full life cycle projects
– Have a good experience on new dimension system like BW, CRM, SRM, Portal, XI/PI, Solution Manager.
– Attractive Salary and other Benefits
– Good Communication skills
– Graduate from reputable university
– More than 3 years of working experience in related field.
– Permanent Position
– Location : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

MM, SD, WM, BW, HR Senior Consultant are also welcome.
If you are interested, please send your current salary, expected salary and resume to
Only short list candidate will be contacted

Niping Syntax

Question : what is the syntax of niping command?

Answer : to get an idea of using niping command you can type niping without parameter.


This article is to answer guest question about using niping. Thanks to vinvk for the question.
Niping is a testing program developed by SAP to enhance TCP/IP and UDP layer function. Network Interface (NI) is used by SAPRouter and all SAP programs to provide independency of various communication. The enhanced TCP/IP and UDP Protocol is called SAP Protocol which provide one field length more and error information. This program simply send request to the server, then read the reply from server. Niping mostly uses to test connection to SAP server with or without SAP Router. Niping also provides enhancement communication through the firewall or proxy server.

Niping syntax

Example niping command (with or without SAProuter),
host1 : saprouter -r //start saprouter in host1
host2 : niping -s //this will emulate a test server
host3 : niping -c -H host2 //this will test connection to host2 without SAProuter
host3 : niping -c -H /H/host1/H/host2 //this will test connection to host2 with SAProuter

niping -t //this is for self test which will display a result *** SELFTEST O.K. *** if connection OK

VMWare Server things


Finally, I’m able to run VMWare on my Notebook. I knew this software for long time, but for VMWare Server I’ve just installed it last night. Well, I encountered some problem with this installation, started with creating bootable Windows Server 2003 cd, then VMWare cannot detect my guest OS Win Server 2003 x64 bit. If you face this issue, may be solution below will help you.

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Error when openning service in Visual Administrator

In some case, this picture is shown when you try to open service in cluster -> server -> service (for example SLD Data Supplier)

SLD Data Supplier error

If you open OSS Notes 1017526, you can only find general cause which somehow a little bit confusing, which state : For SAP J2EE Engine SP15 (NW04), add the Java option “-DP4ClassLoad=P4Connection” in the “go” script and make sure the J2EE Application “” is started .

To solve this problem you need to copy sldserv.jar file from /usr/sap/<SID>/<InstID>/j2ee/cluster/server<x>/bin/services/sld/ to usr/sap/<SID>/<InstID>/j2ee/admin/lib/

You may try to look for the other services under /bin/services folder and move it to admin/lib. good luck.

VNC Server Start/Stop Command

In computing, Virtual Network Computing (VNC) is a graphical desktop sharing system that uses the RFB protocol to remotely control another computer. It transmits the keyboard and mouse events from one computer to another, relaying the graphical screen updates back in the other direction, over a network.

Usage: vncserver [] [:]
vncserver -kill :
These are few examples how to start and stop VNC Server on Linux Suse9,
start : vncserver :5
stop : vncserver -kill :5

Then you can use the VNC Client to connect to the server. You can download from Real VNC or Tight VNC.

Export/Import Table using BRTOOLS

Case : I want to reorganize table and rebuild index offline for table SOFFCONT1. Table SOFFCONT1 contains SAP Business Workplace/SAPoffice objects which often grow rapidly in Netweaver based component.

Procedure : Here’s the procedure to export/import tables and rebuild index using BRTOOLS,

  1. Export table SOFFCONT1
  2. Drop index
  3. Import table SOFFCONT1
  4. Run Update Statistics Optimizer

Details steps : Continue reading

SAP System Monitoring

Can you imagine if you have a job to monitor the whole SAP system and also non SAP system? Okay, let’s say that you only have 3 system landscapes, that would  be very easy to monitor, check the system one by one. But if you have hundreds of systems, how will you manage the system monitoring? Before we continue to the basic concept for system monitoring, we should answer this question: Why do we need to monitor SAP system? For some of you may be that’s a silly question, but for this little question will save your a lot of effort to monitor the system both SAP or non SAP.

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