You can display the consumption of various SAP Memory Types by choosing -> Goto -> Memory -> Select the user(s) that you want to display the usage for. If you do not select any, the memory overview displays the usage for all users.

Client: User Transaction Roll Page Mem(Total) Mem(Priv.)
000 MUELLER SE38 458.752 57.344 5.225.243 0
000 MUSTER SESSION_MANA 262.144 0 1.161.577 0
000 SCHMIDT SE01 458.752 81.920 4.551.960 0
000 MAIER SE11 1.048.576 172.032 13.572.756 0
000 SCHMITT SESSION_MANA 262.144 0 1.161.577 0
000 GRAF OS_APPLICATI 851.968 147.456 18.664.742 0
000 HANSEN OS_APPLICATI 851.968 139.264 16.085.115 0
000 FISCHER SE61 458.752 65.536 3.463.431 0

The following table explains the meaning of each column.

Column Meaning
Client: SAP client
User User logged on to the server (SAP user name)
Transaction Executed SAP transaction (transaction code)
Roll The roll area holds the user environment information needed by work processes when executing dialog steps.
Page SAP Paging is only used for a limited number of ABAP commands.
Mem(Total) Specifies how much of the SAP extended memory was requested by this user.
Mem(Priv.) Private memory (heap memory) requested by the user.

More information:

The order in which the various memory classes are assigned to the dialog work process is described underAllocating Memory for User Contexts.

For further information on SAP memory management, please refer to the documentation on BC – Memory Management.