Here we come, a new website for all about SAP Basis. Since I’m driving my self into SAP especially Basis Area. I want to share, open to discuss and also learn for different view points of this knowledge. I’ll try to write from beginner and middle level for SAP Basis works, since I’m also still learning and learning again. Even an expert has a beginning, right? Hopefully this website is useful for me and everyone who want to learn SAP Basis thing. Any personal contents, opinions, thoughts, and view points in this website is not reflected to main guidance or procedure within the official website. The sources might be taken freely by public shared or my own experiences.  Please suggest to improve my skills and also my language.  Thanks for your visiting.

For professional purpose, I provide a service for remote support which cover daily system monitoring, giving recommendation on how to improve system performance, as well as system analyzing and trouble shooting. Those services will be handled by professional and experienced SAP Basis consultant who has certified in this particular subject. As a freelance on a project based, I provide an implementation service remotely which cover SAP system installation, SAP system upgrade, system copy, system refresh, and other implementation based on request. Other service provided are SAP Basis class teaching, SAP Basis e-learning, and SAP Basis documentation. Of course I will give you the competitive charge and provide the best service. If you have any inquiry on the details don’t hesitate to contact me through email.

MySAPbasis admin
email : basis.mysap@gmail.com


3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi,

    Would you like to exchange links with me? Let me know your approval then I’ll add you to my website.

    URL: http://www.sap-knowledge.com
    Description: SAP Knowledge Database


    • sapbasisadmin said:

      Hi An,
      I’ve added your link. Please add “SAP Basis Knowledge” on the description.


  2. Nice Blog, Please provide me the password of SAP ECC 6 Installation

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