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I try to provide a lot of resource, link and reference to SAP Basis area. But, I’m sure there will be more questions about Basis since there are many topics and still continues to growth years ahead.
So I provide this page for you who want to submit a question all about Basis and netweaver technology.
I will try to answer the questions or try to find out if this is the new one for me. Please yourself !

11 thoughts on “Q and A”

  1. vinvk said:

    1)what is the syntax of niping command?

    2)what are the logs that you can access at os level?and their paths?(like system log,batch job logs,spool logs,transport logs,support pack related logs,etc..)

    3)you have to assign a role to a user.YOu can add the role to user in su01 OR you can add the user to role in pfcg.which method is preferable?why?

    4)what’s the advantage of st03g over st03n?

    5)can we prepare a landscape with ides systems?

    6)does the Tcode EWZ5 exist in ECC6?I’m using NW2004S SR2 abap engine and EWZ5 doesn’t exist in that.so in that case what is the alternative to EWZ5?to see the list of users present in a client but not necessarily logged in and to to lock or unlock them?

    7)In sm51 screen what are the possibilities for status field? If the status is active then we can double click on the instance name to goto it’s work process over view screen(sm50). but if the application server is down,will it still be displayed in the sm51 screen with status shutdown?if so,what happens if we double click on an instance name with status shutdown>will it still goto sm50 screen?what would be the workprocess status then?

    8)If the sap system is down where will you start trouble shooting?

    9)what is the difference between se16 and sm30?

    10)in the stms screen where do you access transport logs specifically slog,alog,and ulog?

    11)In the context of client copy what is customizing data,master data, and application data,and transaction data,etc.. which client copy profile is used for copying each data type? thanks.

    12)If a tcode is taking too long time to finish and I wand to end the work process in sm50 how to find which work process is currently executing that tcode?

    13)what is the difference between logon group(tcode-smlg) and rfc group(tcode-sm59)?

    14)how much time it takes to export(scc8)a client? how much time it takes for import(can we do this from stms screen or we have to do this from os level?)? how much time it takes for client import post process (scc7)? how much time it takes if we do all this using remote client copy(scc9)? I know it depends on client size and system performance.But I want a real time scenario here.

    15)will the work processes other than dialog ever goto priv mode?

    16)differentiate system refresh,system copy,client refresh.and client copy.

    17)can we adjust tablespaces from DB02 or we have to it at os level using brtools?

    18)Is it mandatory to make all the users log off while applying add-ons and s-notes as it is in the case of support packs?

    19)how to do system refresh?not the client copy but the-standard-system-refresh.

    • sapbasisadmin said:

      is this an interview question? good question though, anyone can help to answer these question ..

    • some of the questions have been answered in this blog, please use search features.

  2. Cool web site. Thanks for comprehensive information about SAP Basis.

    I also maintained an SAP blog – http://www.sapgeek.net. Do you mind to change links between our blogs? I would like to add yours if you agree my suggestion.


  3. HARISH said:

    What is the password of (install_ides_-ecc6.pdf)

  4. HARISH said:

    what is the password of following file

  5. Amit pathak said:

    how to check spool process

    • First, You can check using SM50 in spool work process, further analysis can be done using SP01

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