An enhanced self-diagnosis tool has been delivered with SAP Solution Manager 7.0, Support Package 12. It should be used for troubleshooting, not regular self-diagnosis.

The self-diagnosis checks the system requirements for operating SAP Solution Manager. The self-diagnosis tool is highly configurable and can perform solution-specific or cross-solution self diagnosis. A self-diagnostics module is available in SAP Solution Manager. You can analyze your SAP Solution Manager system and/or a solution, with the self-diagnosis function, to identify and solve problems. You can customize SAP Solution Manager self-monitoring, to avoid red alerts. The self-monitoring functionality is in the transaction SOLUTION_MANAGER → Settings → Self-Diagnosis. You can select which type should generate an alert and inform you, in the Alert Type area.

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The self-diagnostics checks the RFC Connection, batch jobs and performance values. The self-diagnosis analyses run daily, in the background, by default. You can perform a new analysis at any time, e.g. to check whether the problems shown by alerts have been resolved. You can display the self-diagnosis results in various levels of detail:

  • For the SAP Solution Manager (cross-solution), e.g. to identify SAP Solution Manager system performance problems.
  • For the SAP Solution Manager single solution, e.g. to check that the master data of a solution is consistent.

Self-Diagnosis Topic


New self diagnosis in SAP Solution Manager: a quick guide

SAP Note 1073382

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