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I had an issue with the fast growing LOBSEGMENTS in SAP Netweaver PI using Oracle Database 11G. Below are the procedure to check LOB tables :

  1. Transaction DB02
  2. Tables and indexes
  3. Detailed analysis
  4. Tablespace = SAP<SID> (ABAP DB Schema) or SAP<SID>DB (JAVA DB Schema)
  5. Sort by KBytes column descending to view largest tables in DB schema.


Based on SAP Notes 1675589 – SAP XI/PI Performance improvement when using Oracle Database 11g


  1. Use the securefile conversion on the following PI tables that use LOB data.
  2. See SAP Note 1426979 Oracle database 11g: Integration in SAP environment.
  3. The PI tables are: SXMSCLUP, SXMSCLUP2, SXMSCLUR, SXMSCLUR2, XI_AF_MSG (<7.1), BC_MSG (≥7.1).
  4. SQL Command : select table_name, segment_name, securefile from dba_lobs where table_name=’SWPCMPCONT’;
  5. Table reorg using brtools -> table reorg (action lob2lob)
notes : lob reorg 3GB takes 12 minutes