CA Wily Introscope

How can I check that CA Wily Introscope Enterprise Manager is working correctly?

1) Connect to your CA Wily Introscope WebView (which is part of CA Wily Introscope Enterprise Manager, as of release via web browser – usually http://hostname:8081/webview/jsp/login.jsp. If the logon screen of your WebView does not appear, CA Wily Introscope Enterprise Manager may not be active.

2) Go to operating system level and verify whether the Enterprise Manager system process is available

a. Windows: Check Services

b. Unix: Check with command ps

How can I check that Wily Introscope Agent is working correctly?

1) Verify in SMD Diagnostics Setup Managed Systems Introscope Agent for the system in which the Introscope Agent is running.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 1.28.09 AM

Note: Ensure that the version of your agent is the same as the version of the source on your SAP Solution Manager. The equal sign icon indicates that the version is up to date.

2) Check that CA Wily Introscope Enterprise Manager receives information from CA Wily Introscope Agent.