SAP Reference IMG – Manual Update Configuration

You can update basic settings configuration and scenario-specific configuration using the SAP Reference IMG (transaction: SPRO).

Recommendation We recommend that you update your basic settings using the automated guided procedure, see section Guided Procedure (transaction SOLMAN_SETUP) – Automated Update Configuration.

Activate Release Notes Display release notes by choosing Release Notes. The system flags the release information with a blue information icon in front of the IMG activity.


See SAP Note 903274 for details of new IMG activities, changed IMG activities, and deleted IMG activities up to SP17. For later support packages, see the release notes and SAP Note 1260646. Using IMG – Manual Update Configuration Short Text

SAP Note

Changes to SAP Solution Manager 7.0 IMG after SP01


Changes to SAP Solution Manager 7.0 IMG as of Enhancement Package 1


Ensure Basic Functions via SAP Note

In order to ensure that the basic functions of SAP Solution Manager are running properly, it is recommended to regularly check SAP note 1172948. This central note includes other required notes that are extended and renewed regularly. As soon as a new version of the note exists, you should implement it with the Notes Assistant (transaction SNOTE), in which you can automatically implement all notes included. If these notes contain manual actions, these are only described in the note. The note is valid for Solution Manager 7.0 EHP 1 (ST-400 Support Package 18 and 19). SAP Note 1334252 applies to ST-400 Support Package 20.

Ensure Basic Functions Component


Detailed Description

Basic Functions


Check SAP Note regularly

1172948 (SP 18 and 19), 1334252 (SP 20)