Although generic archiving is not supported by most scenarios in SAP Solution Manager, there are several functions to reduce the amount of data in the database. A customer can save the objects using other methods (put objects in transport requests using migration functions, store reports on separate file server, use SAP content server for knowledge warehouse documents, keep backup of whole system before data deletion).

Solutions. Solutions can be deleted from SAP Solution Manager using the functionality in transaction DSWP, or by directly executing report RDSMOPDELETESOLUTIONS. When deleting a solution, all objects produced within that solution (service sessions, reports etc.) will be deleted – if this is possible. If CRM transactions such as service tickets, which carry an attribute for the solution, have been created, deletion of the solution might not be possible (as it is not possible to delete the related CRM transactions).

Service reports in solutions. SAP EarlyWatch Alert and service level reports could be stored on a separate file server. They can be deleted from SAP Solution Manager using report RDSMOPREDUCEDATA.

Projects SAP Solution Manager projects can be stored in a transport using transaction SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN. However, this function will only store the business process structure and all related documents; it will not save referenced data, such as CRM transactions or test workbench items. Solution Manager projects can also be deleted using transaction SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN.

Archiving Projects Topic


SAP Solution Manager Help

http://help.sap.com → SAP Solution Manager

cProjects Archiving

http://help.sap.com → SAP CProjects Suite → Editing Project Structures → Collaboration Projects → Basic Functions → Archiving

Archiving Test Management Topic


Archiving Logs (SAP Library – eCATT: Extended Computer Aided Test Tool, BC-TWB-TST-ECA)

http://help.sap.com → SAP NetWeaver → SAP NetWeaver 7.0 including Enhancement Package 1 → <language> → SAP Library → SAP NetWeaver Library → SAP NetWeaver by Key Capability Solution Life Cycle Management by Key Capability → Test → eCATT: Extended Computer Aided Test Tool (BC-TWB-TST-ECA) → Logs → Archiving Logs

Business partners Obsolete business partners can be deleted using transaction BUPA_DEL, but only if they have not been used in a service transaction.

Data extracted to BI If data from SAP Solution Manager has been extracted for Business Intelligence (reporting on EWA raw data, CPH monitoring data, SMSY data, root cause analysis data, and Business Process Monitoring data), the BI aggregation and deletion mechanisms can be used to reduce the amount of data in the BI database.