Achiving functionality in core SAP Solution Manager

There is only limited archiving functionality in SAP Solution Manager 7.0. In particular, the following objects cannot be archived using default SAP archiving mechanisms:

  • Solution Manager projects
  • Solution landscapes
  • CRM transactions, such as service tickets, change requests, change documents and issues.
  • Monitoring data in central performance history database
  • Test packages/test cases These objects do not usually contain a lot of data.

Documents in Solution Manager projects

The only function which might need a lot of database space is document management in the implementation scenario. Depending on the number, type and frequency of documents checked in, several hundred MBs per week and project might be needed – because usually every version of a document is kept. Those documents (or old versions) in Solution Manager projects can be archived using the report SOLMAN_DOCU_VERSION_ARCHIVE. This report moves the document contents (files) from the built-in knowledge warehouse (KW) layer, to another repository, e.g. an archive. However, the document attributes needed to administer the documents will be kept in SAP Solution Manager. The report SOLMAN_DOCU_VERSION_DEL deletes interim versions of any documents. It deletes all versions in all accessible repositories – particularly those documents which have already been archived using the report SOLMAN_DOCU_VERSION_ARCHIVE, if they can still be deleted.

Service reports in solutions

Service sessions such as EarlyWatch Alert reports, Service Level reports, and the documents attached to them, can be archived using the ArchiveLink interface. SAP Note 546685 “Archiving in Solution Manager (Operation)” explains the functionality and setup in detail. SAP Note 1092503 describes how to automate the archiving by a job. The following “Solution Reporting” documents can be archived:

  • Service Reporting
  • System Availability Reporting
  • System Administration Reporting
  • Change Management Reporting
  • Service Desk Reporting
  • Issue und Top Issue Reporting
  • Expert-on-Demand Reporting
  • BI Extraction

CRM-based transactions (incidents, change requests, etc.)

There is a generic way to archive CRM-based transactions (e.g. service ticket, change document), but it is not supported in SAP Solution Manager, because many functions, such as test workbench and implementation projects, have links to service tickets or change documents. Archiving these CRM-based transactions would break the links to them, and might cause inconsistencies. For details, see SAP Note 845433. Documents on the generic CRM tabs (transaction CRMD_ORDER) cannot be archived.

Notes for Archiving SAP Note

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Archiving in Solution Manager (Operation)


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