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Question : what is the syntax of niping command?

Answer : to get an idea of using niping command you can type niping without parameter.


This article is to answer guest question about using niping. Thanks to vinvk for the question.
Niping is a testing program developed by SAP to enhance TCP/IP and UDP layer function. Network Interface (NI) is used by SAPRouter and all SAP programs to provide independency of various communication. The enhanced TCP/IP and UDP Protocol is called SAP Protocol which provide one field length more and error information. This program simply send request to the server, then read the reply from server. Niping mostly uses to test connection to SAP server with or without SAP Router. Niping also provides enhancement communication through the firewall or proxy server.

Niping syntax

Example niping command (with or without SAProuter),
host1 : saprouter -r //start saprouter in host1
host2 : niping -s //this will emulate a test server
host3 : niping -c -H host2 //this will test connection to host2 without SAProuter
host3 : niping -c -H /H/host1/H/host2 //this will test connection to host2 with SAProuter

niping -t //this is for self test which will display a result *** SELFTEST O.K. *** if connection OK