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Finally, I’m able to run VMWare on my Notebook. I knew this software for long time, but for VMWare Server I’ve just installed it last night. Well, I encountered some problem with this installation, started with creating bootable Windows Server 2003 cd, then VMWare cannot detect my guest OS Win Server 2003 x64 bit. If you face this issue, may be solution below will help you.

Creating Bootable Win Server 2003 CD

The requirement is you have copy of the original CD, and software ImgBurn which can be downloaded free on this link. >> Download ImgBurn >> . This burning software made us easy to create bootable OS CD/DVD. If you’re interested I can share to you. For bootable ISO files, you need to attached bootable Image of the OS. The summary steps are :

  • Open ImgBurn
  • Choose menu Mode -> Build
  • Add directory source.
  • Tab Options, Fill File System : ISO9660 + Juliet
  • Tab Labels, fill in the disc labels, for Win Server 2003 information can be found here.
  • Tab Advanced, fill as picture below.
  • Then Build to your CD/DVD.

ImgBurn - Advanced Tab

Unable to boot guest OS Win Server 2003 x64

This  is a little bit tricky solution. If you boot your guest OS 64 bit on 32 bit machine you see this error :

Attempting to load an x64 operating system, however this CPU is not compatible with x64 mode. Please install a 32-bin X86 operating system.

To solve this, you need to check that your BIOS supporting Virtualization Technology. This VT feature can be enabled in your BIOS Setting. To enter BIOS setup, Press F10 just after your PC start booting. VMWare provides the software to check your system compatibility to run guest OS 64 bit. You can dowload the software here. For further detail information, you can visit vmware KB Article 1003945.