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You found this error in DB13 Job Log :

Job started
Step 001 started (program RSDBAJOB, variant &0000000000053, user ID SAPBASIS)
Execute logical command BRCONNECT On host sapdev00
Parameters: -u / -jid CHECK20090710123233 -c -f check
BR0801I BRCONNECT 7.00 (18)
BR0252W Function fopen() failed for ‘/oracle/DEV/102_64/dbs/initDEV.ora’ at location BrInitOraCopy-2
BR0253W errno 13: Permission denied
BR0252E Function fopen() failed for ‘/oracle/DEV/sapcheck/ceazhwgd.chk’ at location main-9
BR0253E errno 13: Permission denied
BR0121E Processing of log file /oracle/DEV/sapcheck/ceazhwgd.chk failed
BR0806I End of BRCONNECT processing: ceazhwgd.chk2009-07-10 12.32.48
BR0280I BRCONNECT time stamp: 2009-07-10 12.32.48
BR0804I BRCONNECT terminated with errors
External program terminated with exit code 3
BRCONNECT returned error status E
Job finished

Similar error (permission denied) will also occur if you run brtools activity using <sid>adm user.
Environment : Unix system, with Oracle database. This likely happens after you upgrade an SAP Kernel or updating BRTOOLS patch level.


Run this command using root user to update authorization needed for running brtools:
./saproot.sh <SID>

for example : ./saproot.sh DEV